Marc C. Smith - jazz drummer
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Starduster Orch.
Tues. 12/19, 7:30

Mill Valley Community Center
The Snow Ball!

Suspects of Soul
Sat. 12/23, 6:30

Sticky Rice
We end 2017 where we started. Home base.

North Bay All Stars
Sun. 1/14 - 4 pm

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Chuck Sher and friends set up and read down some great tunes. Amazing group of local players.

Starduster Orch.
Tues. 1/16, 7:30

Mill Valley Community Center
The 2018 Tour Begins!

Thurs. 1/25, 8:30

The No Name Bar
Turn a phrase, only differently than you did the last time.

Wed. 2/14, 8 pm

Iron Springs, Fairfax
More 'tude!

Who, What, Where (the short story)
Dr. Morris Lawrence, Afro-musicologist and music director at WCC, not only gave me my first college level teaching gig in ’82, he allowed me to play behind his big band that at times would reach 30+ musicians. For three great years, he helped me when he didn't have to at just the right time for me.
Ann Arbor gave me access to a good public school system, and university students dedicated to teaching properly the theory and methods they had not too long ago learned themselves.
Pioneer High marching band and Community High Jazz Ensembles convinced me I'd found my gold.
Berklee College of Music, Boston
We hung out for two years listening to Colaiuta, Weckl, Gadd and studying with Skip Hadden, Tommy Cambell, Ed Uribe, Gary Chaffee and more. This was a time when we'd gather at Jonathan Swift's to cheer Tony Williams like our school pride was at stake. It was, and none was lost on our watch.
Nineteen hundred eighty, Denton, TX.
My college training began at NTSU under Robert Schietroma, Ron Fink and their graduate student teachers. NTSU is a school known as a big band recruiting ground for the likes of Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson.